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Professional Photography

Once You give us the go ahead to commence marketing your home for sale, we will promptly engage the services of our photographer.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is the single largest marketing medium and is responsible for generating over 80% of all marketing based enquiry. In today’s environment buyers can be made aware of your property at a click of a button.

Understanding the structuring of online marketing and the way real estate websites prioritise listings is a huge advantage against your competition when creating an effective online strategy. Depending on your budget, your property’s exposure can be maximised through a number of different online avenues.

The social media phenomenon captivating our society such as Facebook and Twitter is playing a huge role in consumer activities. We understand the importance of integrating this medium as a part of your marketing campaign, to ensure we truly are creating as many opportunities as possible for a Buyer to find your home.

Sign Boards

Our signage options will certainly give your property an unmatched marketing edge.

You may be surprised to learn just how affordable these options are.


Using Technology To Achieve Results

Our database management system keeps track of buyers and updates them via email, SMS and phone about newly listed properties.

Without this system in place and our disciplined commitment in using such systems, it is virtually impossible to keep track of and maintain necessary communications with a sizeable pool of Buyers.

For example, we could contact a Buyer that may have enquired about a similar property more than six months ago, and who may be the perfect buyer for your property.

Print Media & Promotional Materials

Think about how close the ideal buyer for your home may be. In order to best leverage this fact we recommend a short high impact print media strategy that incorporates a collection of newspaper adverting and other media publications to ensure all bases are covered.









Video Tours

Please note that video tours enhance the search engine optimisation of your property listing and highlights features that may be easily overlooked by Buyers.

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