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Landlords – why lease with us?

We understand that many people do not have enough time to research affordable and quality service providers that may be required throughout the leasing & management process. We do this work for you.


Unlike traditional real estate businesses as a first time landlord to Link and Connect, we will NOT charge you any letting fee upon Link and Connect securing a tenant for your investment property if under our ongoing property management (with a LOW percentage management fee offered). The only fees that may be applicable, will be marketing (advertising) fees (if you agree).

What we do as your managing agent

We will always apply a professional and ethical approach to managing your property investment. We will ensure that our real estate agency is able to facilitate the delivery of the highest service standards at all times.

Letting Services:

– Provide marketing/advertising recommendations;

– Recommend ways to maximise the property’s appeal to prospective tenants;

– Arrange preparation/display of “For Lease” boards/ advertising, including website(s);

– Promote property to real estate agent’s database for prospective tenants;

– Provide regular reports on prospective Tenant interest;

– Conduct property inspections with prospective Tenants;

– Check prospective Tenant applications, including Tenant database checks;

– Submit Tenant offers and recommendations;

– Prepare property condition reports at commencement of a lease;

– Take pictures of property and include with the condition report;

– Prepare lease and arrange signing by Landlord/real estate agent and Tenant.

Property Management Services:

– Monitor, collect and account for rent;

– Lodge bond/claim with RTB Authority at beginning/end of tenancy;

– Arrange (if approved by Landlord) for appropriate contractor(s) to carry out inspection of plumbing, electrical, gas fixtures and fittings;

– Arrange for an appropriate contractor to carry out periodic smoke alarm inspections;

– Arrange for an appropriate contractor to carry out periodic swimming pool safety barrier (including associated fittings) inspection, if applicable;

– Arrange property maintenance, repairs, renovations including engagement of contractors;

– Project manage (as Landlords real estate agent) maintenance/renovations (above $5,000 in value);

– Notify of breaches involving non-payment of rent/significant property damage/accidents;

– Prepare and serve Residential Tenancies Act notices;

– Representation at VCAT hearings, including necessary preparation work;

– Engagement (as Vendors real estate agent) of professional/ property services providers and tradespeople;

– Monitor lease expiries and advise current rental trends;

– Conduct rent reviews and report;

– Liaise with Tenants to arrange prospective Tenant inspections;

– Conduct final inspections at lease end including condition report and report to Landlord.

Property Management accounting services:

– Prepare monthly statement of rent collected and outgoings paid;

– Payment of utilities/rates/land tax/owners corporation fees, if requested;

– Payment of valuers/architects/engineers/trades/contractors/professional invoices, if requested;

– Prepare end of financial year reports.

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