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Preparing Your Property For Sale

We believe that professional photography is very important to a successful marketing campaign. We are committed to providing the very best images to interest potential buyers. The following is a helpful checklist of how you can assist the process:


  • De-clutter and remove any extra furniture that may make a room look too small
  • Clear kitchen counter tops, put all dishes, sponges, cleaning equipment away and take items off kitchen window sills
  • Remove all of your fridge magnets
  • Remove excess books or magazines from tables
  • Remove towels, mats & toiletries from the bathroom, including all shampoo bottles from the shower
  • Make all beds immaculately
  • Remove any visible items from beneath beds
  • Conceal all electrical cables where possible
  • Make sure all of your light globes work and wherever possible, try to use the same type of globe


  • Put your motor vehicles in the garage or on the street
  • Move the bins out of view
  • Ensure your lawns have been mowed recently
  • Keep hidden any garden tools, hose, empty pots or dead plants
  • Remove bikes, cars, basketball rings, etc. from the driveway
  • Ensure all washing has been taken off the line
  • If applicable, ensure your pool is free of leaves and that your pool vacuum is stowed away out of the pool
  • Rake and remove any leaves from patios or outdoor entertaining areas
  • Ensure all of your outdoor lighting is in working order and all light globes work


Once you give us the green light to start marketing your home for sale, we will promptly engage the services of our photographer. Consider whether ‘Day’ or ‘Dusk’ photography would be best suited to your property?


  • As 3rd or 4th bedrooms, laundry and inside the garage are rarely photographed, you may use these areas to place all unwanted items until after the photography has been completed
  • Add an attractive vase of flowers in the kitchen and/or bathroom, and/or have a full bowl of attractive looking fruit on your kitchen benchtop
  • Set your dining table as if you were having a party of guests
  • Prepare your outside table for a BBQ and/or stage a bottle of wine and some glasses
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