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Timing and Pricing For Selling Property

The first few weeks of your home being presented to the market is the most crucial time of your sales campaign.

During this time, your property will see the majority of buyer activity from active buyers in the market place.

Our consultant at Link and Connect Real Estate will discuss the following pricing strategies with You in more detail and present their recommendation.


Fixed Price

Informs prospective Buyers of a solid price that will secure the property, however negotiating with a Buyer above the fixed price is limited.


Price Range

Offers Buyers a guide of the price that you, the Vendor, would seriously consider and allows a Buyer to present you with an offer at the level in which they see value in your home.


Negotiations Over

Does not limit the potential price that your property could achieve as it is not capped with a figure and is expressed as “Negotiations Over a certain dollar amount”.


Offers Invited or Price by Negotiation

Takes the element of price away, placing greater emphasis on the home and its valued features. This method invites offers from buyers at the price level where they are seeing value and gives you the chance to receive offers at a much higher level than the guide price indicated in other methods.


Price On Application

Is typically used for properties that sit at the upper end of the market. No price is advertised and requires interested parties to contact the agent to discuss the Vendor’s expectations on price.

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