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Joint Principals and Directors, Ellie Wang and Adrian Caspersz are committed in creating a highly skilled professional business and achieving their goal of “Delivering Success”.

Unlike many other real estate businesses whose business is named after an individual, Ellie and Adrian have created the business name of Link and Connect to represent how they view the process of conducting business to assist with their goal of “Delivering Success” to all mutually interested parties – that is, a WIN/WIN for all beneficial parties.

The process of conducting business at Link and Connect is to create a ‘Link’ between parties, build on the fundamentals of the transaction to establish a “Connection” on mutually beneficial outcomes, which will then ultimately achieve closure of the mutually beneficial transaction thereby “Delivering Success” to all mutually interested parties – a WIN/WIN.

From their own personal past experiences (as Buyers, Vendors, Landlords and Employees) with many real estate business over the past 24 years, their experiences, in most, have been negative, ranging from arrogance to dishonesty. Their passion for real estate, and their attitude and commitment to operating the business professionally at all times, has created a desire to want to raise the bar in the real estate industry and become that change they want to see in the industry. Link and Connect has full membership with the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), whose mission is to enhance the professional excellence of the business that will be to the benefit of the community and the business works within, and to advocate and represent the business. The goal of the business for each situation is “Delivering Success”, with the Customer’s outcome at the forefront at all times. With this in mind the business is prepared to offer the following:



Provide the opportunity for every real estate agent in Australia to assist YOU sell your property (or other asset) for the optimum price the market is prepared to pay for your property (or asset) at that time. Simply, unlike other real estate businesses, Link and Connect WILL give any agent, (external of Link and Connect) who is the responsible agent for having their buyer purchase the property, a share of the overall commission, being 20% net commission received after the deduction of all costs, including GST. You’re probably asking how the business can absorb such a cost?

Simply, Link and Connect is an independent real estate business that does not have the high burden that franchise real estate businesses have in providing fees back to their head Franchisor where the Customer does not directly receive any benefit. Link and Connect on the other hand will utilise a portion of its commission received to pay any real estate agent who is responsible for their Buyer in purchasing Link and Connects Customers property and/or other asset (business, etc).



Unlike traditional real estate businesses, as a first time Landlord to Link and Connect, we will NOT charge you any letting fee upon Link and Connect securing a Tenant for your investment property if under our ongoing property management (with a LOW percentage management fee offered). The only fees that may be applicable, will be marketing (advertising) fees (if you agree).

Delivering Success
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